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Claire Garand

Published by Rroyzz, Les Maîtres de la Lumière and its rights, both French and foreign, are available due to the publishing house closing.

In this modern and ambitious urban fantasy novel, elite units are working for a clandestine society of hunters. They are trying to stop the Vourdalaks, creatures of pure energy who vampirise humans and inhabit the corpses of their victims, turning their loved-ones into killers who feed them other preys. 

Ever since her son fell victim to this killing embrace, Gal hates them with a passion. Working for the Society, she trains hard to be able to work with the only weapon that can destroy them: a metallic disk that captures the energy of light and that can either destroy or heal organic matter.

But where is this energy coming from? How were those creatures born? And what are those experimentations, led in secret by the Society itself, for? What is the end goal of the Dean, her creator?

Between investigation, lies and betrayals, our Huntress will have to overcome a lot of obstacles to get her revenge and discover the secret of the Vourdalaks. 



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