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Colorin Cuenta publishing house

Colorin Cuenta is a publishing house specialised in children's books, with books in spanish in which the reader is guided by a cute little unicorn named Colorin and learns about famous men and women. And learns, of course, to enjoy reading!

Joyful and colourful, those stories are also filled with interesting facts.

- "Colorin Cuenta the Bible" is a collection about stories from the Bible, told in an appropriate and understandable way for children

- "Colorin Cuenta the life of men and women" is a collection about famous men and women, such as Rosa Parks and Malala but also Van Gogh and Buddha

- "Colorin Cuenta fantastic stories" is a collection of famous myths, tales, legends and fables

- the "mini books" collection revisits each story of the "men and women" collection but focusing on only on person per book, and the story is completed by games and activities

This cute little unicorn mascot not only ensures the children will like it but also allows the writer to give easy explanations. Colorin often talks directly to the reader to help them better understand some elements of the stories.

Today Colorin Cuenta is opening up to the world and I'd love to discuss their texts and collections with you: let's talk about the possibilities for adaptations!

If you are interested, feel free to reach out:

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