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Karen Hendriks

Home is a powerful and touching picture book about resilence, published at Daisy Lane Publishing. For children age 8-12, it tells about events of the Second World War through the story of a german family being displaced out of Czechoslovakia.

With gentle and beautiful illustrations by Alisa Knatko, this picture book brings forth a message of hope: our true home is in our heart, and hope and love are stonger than fear. 

A very beautiful story about refugees, unfortunately still a topical issue. 

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A beautiful, upbeat story about a difficult theme: the loss of a mother. But it's also about the love of a father! 

In this poetic and gentle story, a young boy tries to catch feathers flying around. It becomes a game with his dad, a moment of love and sharing. Once caught, the feather is swiftly put under his pillow, to act as a dream-catcher and... allow him to see his deceased mother in his dreams. 

Broaching loss with children is often as difficult as it is necessary. This story has a very appropriate way to do it, by putting all the focus on love. 

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A charming bedtime story, Go away, Foxy foxy is about 3 little rabbits going to sleep. But there is a fox nearby, bidding his time... Are they going to ring the bell to call their mom for help? Or will they be able to work together to find a solution and show how ingenious they are?

This tale-like story is about being confident in oneself, trusting others and finding resources in oneself!

This album is published at Daisy Lane Publishing. If you are interested, please reach out at

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