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Marc Lataste

Feya, book 1 and 2, were published by Vide Cocagne and are now available due to the publishing house closing. Both French and foreign rights are available. Please reach out at if interested.

In an amazing, out of time forest, strange creatures are lurking: a magicien full of hairs, a little food-lover ghost and a fox who likes to pick mushrooms. In this full of humour world, no humanity can disturb the peace, as human beings are extinct. But once day, the creatures find a secret laboratory underneath the ground, where a young girl was hibernating: Feya.

The waking-up of Feya will mark the beginning of chaos: other beings will wake up, a magical sect will appear, giant robots, a malevolant computer, spies, all will rush to get their hands on the so-called last member of the human race.

A great adventure begins!


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