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Melrakki publishing house

The Melrakki publishing house is an independant publisher of photography books and children's picture books. They have one main concern: Nature and its protection. The publishing house is devoted to texts with commitment to the representation of the living and the defence of the natural world. 

Their commitment is reflected in their work ethic: they only print locally, and give a part of their gains to an association of protection of the wild fauna. 

One morning after a storm, Nina finds an injured bird on her window sill. She nurses its wing but she is running out of time: the little bird must find its family before they all fly away to warmer countries... But how do you find a bird family in the vastness of the forest? Luckily for them, the animals of the wild that they'll meet in their journey will be there to help and guide them.

A picture book written and illustrated by OcĂ©ane Azeau. 

This book tells the story of a summer: the first summer of a hedgehog. Through the seasons, Titi will have to overcome obstacles that his species has had to fight for decades. Usually a hedgehog can live for ten years, but they tend to die before celebrating their first birthday. Why? Because of intensive farming, pesticides, cars, dogs, cats... This endangered species' survival depends on human behavior.

"Le voyage de Titi", Titi's journey, is the first picture book of Brigitte and Louise Ferry. They want to tell, with their own words, the importance of biodiversity and of maintaining an environment in which humans, fauna and flora can all live in harmony.

"Carnet Sauvage" or Wild Diary is a beautiful and sober photography book by Adrien Favre. Sometimes dark, always sensitive, it is the result of 3 years seeking for Beauty, from India to America and through our own territories of France, in the intimacy of wolfs, tigers, owls, bears or foxes.

This book is also a testimony about our ecological impact towards future generation, and a call to protect wild fauna.

The day-to-day life of two wildness centers in Faune Alfort is shown in this 120 pages photography book. Stories complete the pictures to help better understand the animal world in our lifes where the wild has become a mere prop.

It's in summer 2021 that Lea Cirotteau and Jonathan Feraud start their adventure: show the work of the Faune Alfort association and help show the public the sufferings that animals go through due to the human impact on the environment. They want to underline through photographies the incredible work of the teams and help better understand the wild animals, so as to better protect them.

In a world where humanity takes more and more room, what is left for the last wild spaces and their inhabitants? Throughout the seasons, "Le temps des forĂȘts" or "seasons of the forests" is an ode to all the souls that we don't take the time to watch anymore.

The title is a call to poetry, engaging the readers to watch the world differently, to look for the wild, for what lived before in this nature that is slowly disappearing, leading the animals to live side by side with humans, sometimes through violence. 

The pictures are accompanied by texts written by Adrien Favre, in which he shows all of his feelings and reflexions born during his observations of the natural world.

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