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Elder Craft

Elder Craft is a story of passions: for tabletop roleplaying games, for games more generally, and for experiences of shared narration. 

The official publisher of the Game of rĂ´les twitch emission in the universe of Aria, created by FibreTigre, and hosted on MisterMV's channel, Elder Craft is specialized in tabletop RPG, RPG books and novels in the imaginary genre (fantasy, science-fiction...) for adult readers. 

Discover new and innovative narrative experiences in their catalogue and embark for an incredible journey, armed with dice, pencil and eraser. Let them guide you through the pathes of the imagination with their passion and the quality of their creations. 

Discover some of their books here:


Discover a series of choose-your-own-adventure books, written by FibreTigre, that won the best game book award at the international game festival in Cannes in 2022.

Start your journey into Osmanlie, a mysterious country imbued with magic. You are a mage apprentice with a troubled past, from the nation of Varna, and sole survivor of a conspiracy. Your king ordered you to travel through Osmanlie, to stop an enemy army threatening all the kingdoms west of the wall. The Dark Country is a weird and dangerous place, inhabited by mythological creatures. From Varna to Sanakkale, you will have to survive, but also discover the secrets of this old country, craddle of civilizations.

In this choose-your-own-adventure books, you will live the adventure with a pencil, an eraser and dice as your weapons. Learn magical spells that will allow you to find new ways in the story thanks to a clever gameplay, and to start again even if you failed. Keep your character from one book to the next: your character sheet, your items, your spells, everything will be kept for an amazing adventure in three books.

Will you be able to save your kingdom, and awaken your magical gifts?

RPG Books

A new kind of choose-your-own-adventure books, playable either solo or with friends. 

You can discover and rediscover them in various ways: 

- as a classic choose-your-own-adventure book: read them on your own and discover the story through your choices. 

- as a board game: discover the story with a group of friends, each with their own character. 

- as a tabletop RPG: once you have discovered the story either on your own or as a group, the book gives you some keys to play it as a game master in a roleplaying tabletop game, to continue the experience with friends and allow them to discover the story as well. 

The collector edition box includes a special compartment with dice and illustrated character sheets.

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