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Rán is a reimagining of the Valkyrie myth and the nordic legends, with a fully new and unique Pantheon.

Discover a feminist, lesbian and moving heroic fantasy novel.

Rán had never known her father, the ‘brave’ man who had chosen to flee when her birth was announced. Despite her constant efforts to assimilate, her clan once again turned down her plea to join the Western raids. While she grieved being excluded once more, her village came under attack and Rán lost her life.

That day, which was meant to mark the end of her existence, instead marked the beginning of a new life. Surprisingly, she did not journey to the land of the departed, but found herself among the høgsyvnar, a divine elite army, the guardians of the seven realms.

Why had the Weavers chosen to bestow upon her the honor of joining this prestigious army, one that only the most valiant female warriors were allowed to join in death? 

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