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L'Alchimiste publishing house

L'Alchimiste is an independant publishing house with a focus on the human, the imagination and the links and alchemy between the both. Here, you'll find all those things that make you travel, dream, learn and think: fantasy, science-fiction, initiatory accounts, spirituality without religion, and reflexions about our modern society. In other words, the inner life and all its aspects.

Very engaged in environmental protection, this publishing house uses POD (print on demand) to avoid useless destructions of stocks. They are available in every bookshop in France but also in audiobooks or ebooks.

You can find their books here.

All of their foreign rights are handled by our agency: if you are interested in acquiring the rights to a book, please reach out at 

 You can find below some examples of their publications: 

1973. France is living under the Reign of Terror, during the Revolution.
In the occupied city of Lyon, a hussar works for the Occult Affairs and is investigating the mysterious disappearances of a brother in arms.
He'll have to face strange sects, ambitious politicians and dark magics.
Alchemy, spying, old secrets, bewitching music, dead and living people... They all meet and dance together in the dark times of history. A fresh take on adventure stories, based on historical places and facts with a fantasy touch.

5 women and 5 crossed destinies: a mother, a nurse, a policewoman, a social worker and a homeless woman. 5 women fighting death, illness, indifference and trying to handle day to day life.
5 women who will have to face a tragically common drama, of a mother, Anna, thrown into the violence of a hopeless life and yet trying to save her son Gabriel and get him out of this hell, no matter the cost.
A story about choices, difficult and perilous choices but choices nonetheless, where the unknown and foolish desires will shake entire lives. On the horizon, the hope for a new life.

This book has won the 2021 edition of "Murmures littéraires".

Seraphine is the daugther of a burn victim. Very sensitive and surly, she leads a busy student life but also has to take care of her mother Dolores. This woman, who was the victime of a tragic incident when in high-school, is stuck in a depression that she cannot escape.

The life of Seraphine takes a sudden turn when she meets Nemo, a young man who pretends to come from the future. When he offers her to go back in time, her decision is obvious: she knows where and when to go. 23 years back, so she can stop the incident that destroyed both her mother's life and her own.

But if the future is full of mysteries, the past could very well be hiding secrets she does not want to discover...

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