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Olivier Guérard - Elsie Waldon

70 years after her death, Elsie Waldon, a teenager, wakes up in her coffin. She has no memory of her life and doesn't know the 20th century. As she discovers her new life, she has to accept the truth: she is a vampire. She settles in her new existence and makes new friends, but she needs to find out who she really was, what happened to her family and why she came back after all these years.

M├ętamorphose is the first book in Elsie Waldon series. The writer takes us on a travel through the world if the night and its underlying historical tale inspired by the second world war. A school specialized in creatures of the night, a ministry of cryptozoology, vampires assemblies... Elsie discovers a full parallel universe, living alongside the human society in secret. Sensitive, dreamy yet determined, she brings us along in her quest for truth about her lost family and her own history.

After the terrible discoveries Elsie and her friends made about her family, she tries to convince Soffrey, her guardian, of the dual nature of her father. The adventures they lived scarred the young friends and Elsie is struggling with her feelings. Lazarus keeps harassing her and the school year is starting again, bringing new surprises and romances. Her past keeps getting back to her, often in unexpected ways... 

Conflits is the second book in Elsie Waldon series. This novel takes us back to the dark times of the second world war and their links with the parallel society of the night. Elsie acts as an endearing character who has to go through the numerous difficulties of her everyday life. Alongside her, we explore both the interrogations of a determined and sensitive teenager and incredible adventures.

Lazarus seized power. His control over Energy terrifies the world of the night. Elsie is desperately looking for a way to save Gabriel, her lover, and to save the soul of her father. With the help of her trusted friends, she makes new discoveries, each more terrifying than the last.
Lazarus asserts his reign and gives no respite to any species. Elsie needs to act quickly or her ennemy's power might bring the entire planet to its knees.

L’Autre Côté is the third book in Elsie Waldon series.
Our heroin has nothing to lose now. Her whole universe shattered. Her desire to live is as strong as her will to stop the reign of Lazarus. As we follow, we explore the desires of a teenager stuck in a dramatic adventure: her fights, her doubts, her first loves... Her bravery brings us along in an incredible journey.

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