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Samuel Genin

Crédit photo : Mendori. 

Samuel is a performer, an actor and a professional storyteller: he writes and tells his own stories since 2016! With the Albaricate group, he also does bilingual shows in French and French Sign Language. 

Samuel explores different ways to tell stories through music, language and body. You can meet him in schools or in libraries for his tales' shows.

'There is something magical, intemporal in the tale genre that I'm fascinated with. The storyteller arrives, without props, without costumes, without lights, and through the mere magic of his words he can make everyone see the images he has in mind. He takes you along for an adventure. I often find myself carried away by the story. I get up, I use different voices, I improvise, I add a joke here, a jump there. I have fun!'

With us, Samuel wants to adapt his "Tales from my old grimoire", children's tales available on spotify, apple, youtube… Discover them freely! They already won the heart of more than 40 000 listeners, and Samuel's gift for storytelling will make you travel on the path of words and noises and live marvellous adventures for children and grown-up together. 

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