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Un chat la nuit

This french publishing house specialised in children’s books want to challenge the imagination of children through stories and illustrations full of values, such as respect and kindness. 

They want to create an opening to the world, to nature and its beauty. 

A beautiful park, a lovely old lady, a lovely dog... A crazy dog? And pigeons. 

And when Mirza, jealous of those pigeons, starts running after them, everything goes crazy. 

A funny, joyful and colourful picture book without text, for children age 2 and up. 

Rain doesn’t just fall. It plays, it laughs, it shivers. It takes all the colours of life. 

Through this poetic yet simple text, we share the rain’s feelings and come back to the emotions of childhood, while the illustrations bring a touch of humour. 

A picture book for children age 3 and up. 

A young girl leads us into the desert. From the chameleon to the caracal and the swift gazelle, it’s not as empty a place as we could imagine! 

A beautiful journey with animals full of poetry to discover an other culture. 

A picture book for children age 3 and up. 

An adventure made of little nothings: twigs, leaves and the power of imagination. 

A tree is born, grows, and with it a child that plays around, at the entrance of the forest. 

A friend: a bird to keep him company. 

But who is looking after the child? 

A thoughtful and poetic picture book with gorgeous illustrations for children age 3 and up. 

One night, the fire eats all the houses and vegetation of Zhu’s village. The inhabitants must run, but the next hill is also suffering from a drought.

A legend says that only the pearl of water can defeat fire. So Zhu decides she must act.

With the help of Niao, her bird friend, she leaves for the Spring Mountain. There, she will have to face a monstruous spider to bring back water to her people.

A poetic picture book full of adventure and bravery for children age 5 and up. 

A playful invitation to discover the other world of the forest.

With very detailed illustrations, the book shows us the flora and fauna of our european forests...

With surprising elements: musical instruments here and there in the forest.

How will the forest inhabitants react to this invasion?

A funny and artistic picture book for children age 3 and up. 

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