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Dana Blue

Horror and mystery novella, En eaux profondes is published by Le Petit Caveau.

The foreign rights are available internationally, including for french-speaking countries except France.

Young Hayden is coming to the island of Greenloch during summer, to work as a lifeguard. He arrives during a storm and soon discovers the legend of Melach, a sea demon who is said to haunt the island and its inhabitants. Legends are always believed to have some truth in them, but this one might cost Hayden his life, or worse... 

Horror, mystery and a hint of detective book: En eaux profondes takes us to the depths of psychological horror. The reader discovers bits and pieces of the truth at the same rhythm as the main character Hayden, and can guess his fateful destiny: becoming a human sacrifice, as well as the concubine of the demon. The inhabitants of the island, all with secrets of their own, are willingly choosing to let him be taken, so that they won't be next.

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